Sunday, August 20, 2006

Welcome to my Theological Blog

Greetings to anyone coming from my Byroniac blog (which will now host only my non-theological interests, mainly in the areas of computing and such). If you didn't come from there, I am very surprised. However you got here, welcome and enjoy your stay. :)

I will begin blogging my way through the Old Testament and posting my discoveries in the Scriptures along the way. My goal is not to uncover new truths in old treasure, but new treasures in old truth, with the Holy Spirit of grace and the confessions of the saints of history as my guides. I feel that God has drawn me to the Old Testament in recent days, and I want to study this great truth He has preserved for us and illuminated in the New Testament. Please pray for me in my journey. And constructive comments are always welcome.

(Edited: typos and such)


JST said...

I like the idea of seperating the two blogs. I look forward to reading your insights. I also like the description of yourself. Espcially I like the reformed Baptist part!

Byroniac said...

Thank you, JST.

Chris said...

reformed - like as in you used to be a criminal, but you are reformed. ha!!! oh yeah, hurry up with your posting

Byroniac said...

Hi Chris! Glad to see you here.

I'm not sure I'd qualify as "Reformed." To some people, that means paedobaptism and Covenant Theology. I will say that being a Christian is more important than being "Reformed" anyway.