Sunday, September 10, 2006

Matt Chandler of the Village Church

Recently I discovered Matt Chandler of the Village Church, Highland Village, TX. He preached two services at the FOCUS 2006 in Arlington, TX, put on by the BGCT to the best of my knowledge. In short, he is an excellent expository preacher with contemporary application.


Chris said...

byron, are you just getting toi hear matt. i have a couple of his sermons and the sessrion of gravity that he did at reform adn resurge. awesome. for a charsmatic is is pretty cool.

Byroniac said...

I had never heard of Matt Chandler until about 2 weeks ago. I didn't know he was a Charismatic, though. Perhaps he is like me... I consider myself a non-cessationist, but not a Charismatic. That is, I believe the spiritual gifts have probably not ceased to the best of my knowledge, but at the same time, I believe the Word of God must be supreme, period. The canon is closed and inerrant. And, I believe that the Holy Spirit directs our praise towards Christ and God the Father, away from Himself (even though He is God, the third person of the Trinity, I believe the Holy Spirit directs us to the Word and to Christ who is revealed in the Word). Now, I may be wrong in my non-cessationism, but I'm certainly not out there in what I call "Charismania" land.