Thursday, December 07, 2006


I'm in a Calvinism mood right now (whatever that is).

This Theopedia article on Calvinism is excellent, as is Theopedia itself in general I am sure. Also, check out this page on John Piper stuff at And finally, don't miss this Spurgeon gem, "A Defense of Calvinism."

So, if you're not a Calvinist, you should be. I can't promise you that you'll be happier, but I can almost guarantee that I will like you more as a result. :) (Of course, please understand this is not a fellowship breaker between Christians, or at least should not be). Though I am completely convinced that Calvinism is true, Christianity is far larger than Calvinism by itself (a subset at best), and greater still is our Lord Jesus Christ, the author and finisher of our faith of Christianity.


Chris said...

oh Byton, there is even subsets of calvinism. as a Supralapsarianism you should know that!!! ck out the fide-o quick quide to such.

oh ans when i kand remember i will add you to the blog roll.

Byroniac said...

Shhhhhh... Don't tell everyone I'm a Supralaps---oh well, too late.

Thanks for the link! I had seen it before but I had lost it and it is a good reference to have. I am going to have to blog about it, now, sometime, and point out some disagreements I have with the Infralapsarian position. Unlike him, I have not considered Amyraldian Calvinists, but perhaps they are (I'm certainly open to new information on the idea). Perhaps I'll tease the Amyraldians by calling them hypo-Calvinists (sub-Calvinist) like the Hypercalvinists do us supralapsarians and infralapsarians. I can't stand hypercalvinism, personally, even though one could argue that my supralapsarianism puts me the closest to that view without actually being in that camp, and I'd have to agree, except I'd remind hypercalvinists that I do firmly believe in evangelism and common grace.

Anyway, if anyone is interested in the link Chris posted, it's a good link. Check out the clickable version here:
(ht: Chris)

And, Chris, you are right! As a Supralapsarian, I should know this already! Which I have seen it before, but I need to be more familiar with it. So thanks!

Chris said...

Don't for get this one from Phil Johnson!!

Byroniac said...

Yes, thank you, is a great link as well.

Chris said...

Supralapsarian or is that a slurpasaurus?

Byroniac said...

Another interesting link is this one I just found: Supralapsarianism and Infralapsarianism by Herman Bavinck.