Monday, December 24, 2007

Keep Christ Out Of Christmas

Christ was never in Christmas in the first place!

Christmas is nothing more than a Roman Catholic holiday, whitewashing many of its pagan origins with a more respectable "Christianized" veneer.

I believe you will find these links interesting:

On Christmas hymns:

And on "Xmas":

Disclaimers: I do not necessarily agree with everything at these sites (for example, Landmarkism and KJV-onlyism in the first one). Please consider these links within the context of the blog posting only for reference to my views.

Don't take my word for it. Research this for yourself (start with the Catholic encyclopedias!). And perhaps an honest investigation into the truth of the matter will free you from this unholy, grotesque creation known as Christmas.


Timothy said...

Hope you enjoyed your day at work, or however you are employed, this past Tuesday.

I and the family enjoyed our opportunity to attend Church and worship Jesus, our Lord.

God bless..

Byroniac said...

Thank you, Timothy, for stopping by. I take note of your profile which reads that you are a born again disciple of Christ. I can sincerely hope this is true, since I believe God has placed His elect in every corner of Earth and calls them to Christ, no matter where they are or happen to labor. But many Baptists share your same philosophy: church is a building that must be entered into for the purposes of worship, when actually, God's own people are His church, and we must worship Him in Spirit and truth. And I believe you can worship Him better outside of your Catholic church building. And as for this past Tuesday, though I personally enjoy taking the day off because it's a company holiday, I believe the Puritans were right.


Byroniac said...


I want to ask you, since you claim to be a Bible believing Catholic, have you renounced the 95 curses that your church leaders (i.e., the Pope) have pronounced against Protestants considering us to be heretics worthy of death for not sharing their doctrine? These curses were pronounced at the council of Trent in the 1500s after the Reformation when we protested your doctrines, mostly the sprinkling of infants? These curses were reaffirmed in Vatican I and II. Just thought you would like to know this.