Friday, January 18, 2008

When Some Baptists Get To Heaven

It's time for a silly rant (well, maybe not, but I just can't help myself).

When some Baptists get to heaven, and find out Heaven doesn't look like a Baptist church, they will start off eternity in a state of shock. They'll look around, and pews, pianos, and people in three-piece suits will be nowhere to be found. And the last straw just may well be legions and legions of angels doing praise and worship, instead of all those nifty old hymns.

I'm making humorous exaggeration, of course. I actually enjoy many hymns. Many could use some speeding up, and maybe some more musical instrumentation. But some of these hymns are beautiful (like "Man of Sorrows"), and will always be cherished in my heart.

Rats. I messed up a good rant. I must be in a better mood than I thought.

*EDIT* I do not believe that angels can, or at least do, sing. Luke 2:13 (ESV) says, "And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God and saying," According to this, the angels at the birth of Jesus were not singing. And to the best of my memory, no angel anywhere in Scripture ever sings.


Chris said...

if there are no pews then there could not be any pews, thus a projector would need to be used to put the lyrics up for everyone!!!! sheesh! everyone knows tha!!!

your right some will simply freak when they can't find thier pew!

Byroniac said...

Well, in a "one finger pointing with four pointing back at you" moment of clarity, I realize I might indeed be one of those ones freaking out. If I went into a church without pews, I'm not sure I'd know where to sit (I went to a church with more contemporary seating, and felt awkward plopping down onto a folding chair). And if I couldn't hear or see any pianos, I might just volunteer out loud to sing a cappella before finding out what the normal procedure is. Speaking of which, if I'm handed a harp, I won't know whether it's a hand exerciser or a tooth flossing aid, and will have to ask. Or maybe I'll be wise enough to ask for lessons first. But I guarantee you I will be praising God for no more three-piece suits, particularly the hangman noose part, a.k.a. the tie.