Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Am I Too Cynical?

Goodness gracious.

Sometimes life just hands you blogging material and demands, "Blog Me!" It is not really the quantity that counts, but the quality. Today's post is short but potent.

This morning, I read that John McCain thinks Americans are too cynical. Directly beneath this, I read news of THIRD graders plotting a physical attack against their teacher. Well, at least they are well out of kindergarten now, and no sir, I do not believe I am too cynical quite yet. Thanks, though, for the concern.

P.S. Look at the picture in the news story for an idea of what these kids had in mind. Wonder if TV and movies are a bad influence in our culture? But then again, we are all basically good, and these are good kids. Most certainly. We adults are indeed far too cynical!


Luke said...


Just imagine now, that the word is out, how many other third graders are going to try for the same attention?

I do see this as a "sign of the times" but you are correct in pointing out that Hollywood has done more to influence our children then we have.


Byroniac said...

Luke, yes I agree it is a sign of the times, certainly. I think we are simply reaping what we have sowed, Gal. 6:7. But one of my intended points was that I am not simply pointing out problems to be negative and pessimistic (i.e., cynical). However, I feel that some people do not wish to be inconvenienced by truths having nothing to do with Al Gore. Be that as it may, I feel like it is our Christian duty to be salt and light in a decaying world full of darkness, and stay faithful until He returns.

Luke said...

Sometimes, we are inconvenienced by truth, and I separate that from Gore's agenda as well. None-the-less, the phrase, An Inconvenient Truth, still stands as you have pointed out. Quite honestly, it is seldom ever convenient to do the right thing. Yet the sweet peace afforded to us by the Holy Spirit when we do the right thing is simply amazing. And yet, we each claim that our truth is the truth and thus everyone else is to be inconvenienced. I think that is why Ephesians 4 is given; to unite us all that we may reach out to all.

Now try to post something that doesn't make me think. :) Naa, disregard that. Keep em coming.

Byroniac said...

Good words, Luke.