Saturday, October 11, 2008

Crucial Questions for Catholics

Crucial Questions For Catholics

The link above goes to a very interesting article I recommend to all Catholics. There is more material available on the site. Full Disclaimer: I am not Catholic, and I do not believe in Catholicism. I have some Catholic friends, and mean offense to no one, but I have a very different view of salvation. Perhaps you (the reader) will never agree with me theologically, but please take time to read and consider what has been written with Catholics in mind.


Byroniac said...

In the past anonymous comments were disabled on my blog, but this was before I realized that people had valid reasons for remaining anonymous. I do ask, however, if you post anonymously, that you at least sign your name or give some identifying signature (can be generic, like "Gen X Dude"; something to distinguish you from another anonymous poster is all I ask). This is not a requirement, but it will be courtesy to anyone who reads the comments.

Byroniac said...

Assuming of course, that someone actually WANTS to comment on my blog. Apparently I assumed facts not in evidence. Bah, humbug.

Anonymous said...

Byron - I'm here. Just on a business trip. Returning soon.

Only time to check briefly until then.

Still not sure why everyone is looking past Gran's comments? Even Wade and others I respect. Clearly she does not know biblical salvation but no one is addressing her comments. It's like she is getting a free pass and it's okay because she is a women and that's what they are all focusing on right now.

Kind of weird to me.

Anyway, chat later if we get some customers. :)


Byroniac said...

Yes, I do not understand that. The loving thing to do would be to challenge erroneous notions of salvation in a kind and compassionate way, not ignore their mistaken views and not address them. I know it was off-topic, however, but I would have thought someone would have said, hey, let's continue this at my place (like I tried to do). L's Gran is not interested in coming
here to my blog to discuss this. I have no idea what her reasons are.

I'll quote her:

...Thanks for the special invitation but we can communicate on Wade's blog, if you like. Slim needs to stay on Wade's blog. I think this best. Be peaceful...Mon Oct 13, 01:30:00 PM 2008

What bothers me most of all about this, however, is the fact she has never once acknowledged the existence of the web link to that I gave. I have not even received so much as a "Thanks but no thanks" reply which is still preferable to no response at all. It boggles my mind.