Friday, February 27, 2009

A plan to resume blogging

I plan to resume blogging, but only in a very low-key way. What I mean by that is this, I do not promise to blog regularly, or about anything necessarily interesting, or even that I will follow through on this promise at all, for that matter. And mostly, I will be blogging over at byroniac and not here, and most of the time, I will NOT be blogging about theology (at least, I do not plan to do so). So I am considering consolidating the two blogs and doing away with this one.

If you read this and care, please write me a comment. Thanks!


Luke said...

Of course I care despite the fact that you don't thinkI knew what I was doing. Blogger I understand, typepad doesn't close the html the same I guess because I did it like I always did it and it didn't work. Uhh..considering you did not see that this did not work the first time, I think I left out a tittle.

Byroniac said...

Just kidding, Luke. I don't like Typepad's way of doing HTML, but in all fairness, I haven't taken the time to learn it. I have done the "italics nuclear apocalypse mode: activated!" myself a couple of times. :)

Luke said...

I'll just have to make sure that I pay much closer attention to the jots and the tittles. By the way, looking forward to your return.