Sunday, April 05, 2009

Demolishing The Shack

Today I changed my opinion concerning The Shack, by Paul Young. If you have not read it yet, do not bother. I cannot recommend it, after being pointed to excellent resources which discuss this book. I just read the 39-page book review found at on the right-hand side under the title, "Back of The Shack." Though not of the Sovereign Grace persuasion, the reviewer does an excellent job of demolishing (bulldozing?) The Shack (there is a shorter review available, but I have not read it). Also recommended is the website I am troubled at The Shack, and that is putting it mildly.

*EDIT* The name of the author on the book jacket is William P. Young.


Luke said...

I'm still waiting for an "original" post. But since I like you and agree with you here, I'll jump in.

First, let me say that I do realize the book is FICTION and as such, it is not to be taken for truth. Herein is the rub, the book was written to share truth while claiming a fiction title. It either is or isn't fiction. The author must pick one and stick with it. It would make critiquing it much easier.

Second, the theology of the book is replete with heresy and those poor souls who are using it as study guides to enhance their faith are dancing with the Devil. Can a man take fire into his bosom and not be burned?

Third, there is no way shy of a direct command from God that I would allow such an individual to speak from the pulpit in the church that I pastor, no not even to debate. The second epistle of John addresses this point rather directly.

So Byron, thanks for the opportunity to speak up though I believe it is just a bit of personal encouragement in this case.

Byroniac said...

Hey Luke, thanks for dropping in. I'm not sure what you mean by "original" post. To do that, I'll either have to become a heretic (already have in the eyes of some, and that's still not enough), or stop posting theology. The post before this is in original post in the sense that what I link to is new. I guess if you mean by "original" I should post commentary on Scripture or write a theological article based on a theme?

Anyways, I agree with you on "The Shack." I have an uncle who got caught up in all that nonsense of Universal Reconciliation right before he passed away, which cause me a lot of spiritual concern for the state of his soul. I have no way of knowing in this life. But I know that *I* want no part of it.

I have no doubt that William Paul Young is sincere, has good intentions, and tries to worship God according to his belief system and encourage others to do so. But we Christians are failing to have discernment when we all too easily embrace theology that sells by the bucket and crate load to the secular world which otherwise ordinarily rejects God and Christ. The point is not to get Christ-hating rebels to feel better about themselves and their sin, but to give Godly exhortation to repentance and ending their rebellion. I don't understand why that's such a difficult concept to grasp.

Luke said...

I guess if you mean by "original" I should post commentary on Scripture or write a theological article based on a theme?

That's it. You got it. I personally prefer the personal interaction rather than just a blanket approval. Though at times, without offering personal insight, I also link to sites or articles that I think hit the nail squarely.

But yeah, something Byroniac.

Byroniac said...

Luke, I really do appreciate your coming by. Your answer reminds me why I got out of blogging in the first place, and that's because I got into it for all the wrong reasons. I should have gotten into it for the personal satisfaction, but truthfully, I've never found any in it. It always felt like I was blogging from a vacuum, and I guess it still is. I just can't fake the inspiration or the enthusiasm any longer. Oh well. That's why my blogging site degenerated into an infrequently updated bookmark list, because I found interesting things on the web and wished to bookmark it for future reference. Think I'll probably stay that course, unless I just happen to wake up one day and feel a burning desire to write a lengthy or original article on theology. The last two years haven't been the years for me feeling like that.

On the flip side, I do enjoy reading yours and SelahV's blog posts.

Luke said...

I totally respect that Byron and now know why you do things the way you do. Totally cool!