Friday, November 25, 2011

Well Here I Am Again

New Blog Post, "Well Here I Am Again"
Long story short, I am no longer a Christian. This blog, Isaiah 8:16, was intended solely as a Christian's blog, to document spiritual progress, theological pondering, and spiritual meandering, as it were. Actually, I had originally intended this blog as an expression of my fundamental Christian worldview and to document the expansion of my spiritual perspectives. Now that I am no longer a believer, and cannot claim a religion, this blog's purpose no longer applies, and the blog has no reason to exist. I pondered transforming it into a freethinker/skeptic blog, with some perhaps pun or play on the idea contained in the verse Isaiah 8:16, but I decided to do such would violate the intended spirit behind the blog's creation. So, I will move all such matters to my more personal blog, at Byroniac. It's been dead for awhile, too, but I'm thinking of blogging again. Just a trickle, mind you, is all I've planned, and I'm not even promising to deliver that much, but it certainly won't be here any longer. Join me over there at Byroniac if you wish. Good Bye.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

No Longer a Christian

OK, everyone. I'm no longer Christian, and I'm tired of pretending and sorry for lying. I guess I am agnostic, perhaps Deistic in my thought patterns. I apologize for not telling everyone sooner, especially family, but there were very few people who knew this. Now I wish to make it public. I admire my Christian friends even if I do not share their religion. Best wishes to all, and to everyone a good night I guess.